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Loren M. LaForge Esq., LLC

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Loren has more integrity than any lawyer I’ve ever known. She is honest and straightforward with her clients. In the courtroom she is smart, tough, and nimble. If Loren LaForge represents you, you have the best lawyer in the case.
— MM, New Jersey

I used Loren for post-divorce issues when I relocated to Bergen County. Loren is honest and straightforward when reviewing your case. In the courtroom, she is tough and will not back down. Whenever I contacted Loren, either she or her office staff responded promptly.
— EU, New Jersey

Loren LaForge is a wonderful Lawyer! She is very honest and straight forward. Loren and her staff were always very easy to reach and talk to when I needed them. Loren and her entire staff guided and fought for my two children and myself through some of the most difficult times in our lives. She is very knowledgeable and experienced and I would highly recommend her, and actually have, to anyone who needs a strong, fierce lawyer who is on your side.
— JS, New Jersey

I was referred to Loren by a friend who was also very pleased with the way she handled his divorce. In my case she was with me every step of the way. Separation, restraining orders, forensics, mediation, you name it she handled it. Loren is very professional and on top of her game! Get her on your team!
— FD, New Jersey

Loren is a highly knowledgeable attorney in her field and she represented me in some post divorce proceedings. Loren was very honest and upfront on what would make me successful in the courtroom. She was efficient, concise, successful, and she looked out for the best for myself and my children. She handled my case as if I was her only client and that means a lot when you are placing your entire future in the hands of another person. Loren fought for myself and my children as if I were part of her family. I highly recommend Loren. She is an amazing, honest, and extremely knowledgeable attorney.
— AF, New Jersey

Going through a divorce is traumatic in so many different ways; however, having Loren by my side for the past year has benefited my two daughters and I in more ways than I can count. I am beyond grateful for her because she is dedicated to what she does. My divorce is so much bigger than me. It’s about my two daughters and she is a FIGHTER. When going through a divorce, it is so important to be yourself/authentic and she allows me to be who I am. The reason I mention this is because she demonstrates empathy without judgement. Loren cares about her cases and will to what it takes to protect us. She can answer any question and is up to speed with all the new and changing laws. She is very approachable and very reasonable. She responds very quickly, which lessens my stress. Loren LaForge treats your case as if it’s her own. I would recommend her to anyone especially those looking to rid themselves from the most inhumane monsters. She will protect you and yours. Best lawyer to have on your team!
— BC, New Jersey

I retained Loren when I was going through a horrific divorce. She guided me throughout the whole process and made me feel at ease.
— CB, New Jersey

I say without reservation that Loren’s constant professionalism, expert advice, support, and calm attitude, made the process as easy as it could be for me.
— SD, New Jersey

I first encountered Loren in a complicated and contentious interstate custody case. She took on a difficult case and client from another attorney and handled it magnificently through many twists and turns, including warrants for arrest, criminal accusations, relocation- just about every angle a case could have. She did it all with great aplomb and professionalism. She should be #1 on your speed dial of family lawyers.
— AC, New Jersey

Loren is compassionate, hard working, intelligent and diligent. She is a seasoned matrimonial attorney who goes above and beyond to achieve the best results for each and every one of her clients. I highly recommend her.
— AR, New Jersey

I’ve known Loren for many years and have had her on the other side of cases. I can confidently say that she genuinely cares about her clients and is a fierce advocate both inside and outside the courtroom. If you have a family law issue, you will be in good hands with Loren.
— JT, New Jersey

Extremely professional and very supportive through a difficult process! I highly recommend her and I already have.
— GM, New Jersey

Loren represented me in reinstating child support and with alimony post divorce. Loren is up to date with the new alimony laws and helped me tremendously! Loren is very personable yet professional. I would hire her again if needed and recommend her highly!
— DB, New Jersey

Loren represented me in a custody filing, which turned into a nightmare right away. Her knowledge and experience of the law reversed the situation within a few weeks. She has an impeccable way of compiling information to provide the necessary evidence for the best outcome. Even in moments of despair for me, Loren demonstrated an aggressive attitude in the court room for which I am extremely grateful! Her compassion and commitment to my case was extraordinary. There is no one I would trust more!
— MT, New Jersey

Loren is quite honestly the sharpest and most intuitive as well as trustworthy attorney one can ever be fortunate enough to experience. I’ve known Loren for six years and I am continually amazed by her level of expertise as well as specialized types of divorce cases in general. For example, she has a true passion and interest in helping the parents of special needs children. Loren is a person that makes you extremely comfortable in her presence with her well spoken nature which makes her simply a pleasure to be around. If you’re fortunate enough to have Loren LaForge as your attorney you will feel confident and more at ease about your case. She is an attorney that is diligent with her research as well as her writing. The law firm is a family business and every single person there is a pleasure as well.
— SZ, New Jersey

Supported by a courteous and efficient staff, Loren’s attention to legal and financial detail were comprehensive and frank. I found her services particularly effective in negotiating the financial arrangements of the divorce settlement. I felt confident in court with her, and appreciated her shrewd advice on how to maintain the future integrity of the settlement. She also helped to keep the emotional drama to a minimum, something that could otherwise impede a prompt and cost effective settlement.
— VB, New Jersey

Loren went above and beyond to get my son and I everything that we deserved. Very professional and extremely supportive through a very difficult process.
— GM, New Jersey

Loren represented me in two alimony cases where my circumstances were extremely complicated. She represented me with a great deal of skill and expertise. During the process, she and her staff were attentive, responsive and very well prepared. Her fees were fair and in the end, exactly what we agreed to. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a compassionate and accomplished counselor.
— LW, New Jersey

Excellent attorney who is not only knowledgeable in the field of family law but who has an impeccable reputation with both the bench and the bar. She also knows how to evaluate a case and as a result of that ability she has been able to settle many complex matters without the necessity of a trial. I Highly recommend her.
— DV, New Jersey