Loren M. LaForge, Esq., LLC

Loren M. LaForge Esq., LLC

Legal support for families & divorcees

Areas of Practice


Divorce proceedings

The dissolution of one's marriage is undoubtedly one of the most trying and difficult times in a persons life. The selection of the right attorney with the best fit for you is the first step toward achieving the result you desire.                               

pre & post nuptual agreements

In a day and age when approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce, the protection of your assets can be a prudent way to hedge against the end of your relationship. 

Division of Child protection & permanency

During a divorce or child custody dispute emotions will run rampant and you may find yourself falsely accused of child abuse or neglect. In the event that the Division of Child Protection & Permanency (DCP&P) is involved in your life you'll without a doubt need an experienced family law attorney to properly handle such an explosive situation. 

Child Custody & Support

Where will my children live? How will I support them now and during college? What legal rights does my spouse have when when major life choices arise? All questions that can and will be answered by this firm.                                      

restraining orders

In the unfortunate event that your spouse becomes threatening or violent it may be necessary to protect yourself through legal intervention.                          

post judgement matters

Just because your divorce is settled doesn't mean additional issues won't arise. Should my child be allowed to meet my ex's new boyfriend or girlfriend? What if the parenting arrangement just isn't working? Is my alimony affected if my ex loses their job? Just because the questions are endless doesn't mean your worry has to be as well. 

property settlement agreements & Alimony

You're entitled to a fair and equitable distribution of the marital assets and the best alimony arrangement allowed under the law. Finances are a complicated matter that only an experienced family law attorney can help you properly address. 

mediation & arbitration

Your relationship issue doesn't always have to be resolved by a judge. Very often agreements are reached by having an expert third party negotiate a settlement in a cost efficient manner.  

Grandparent's rights and visitation

In the event of a contentious divorce or child custody dispute it's unfortunately common for the grandparents to be left out of the equation for visitation rights. Even worse, a spiteful parent could use a child as a bargaining chip by purposefully withholding contact. Let us ensure the grandparent's rights are protected and in the best interest of the child as well.